Devices We Power

Amazing Mobile Experiences, Unbridled Support

Smarter Agent has unmatched mobile device support. Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) blankets the entire mobile universe, leaving no user unreachable. This superior, powerful PaaS allows for your apps to be globally deployed, not to a select few smart phones, but every major mobile app platform under the sun. And we don’t stop there. Smarter Agent supports over 5000 feature phones, allowing legacy devices, such as yesterday’s massively popular Motorola and Nokia phones, to access the same information as smartphone users.

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We are a team of mobile experts that know the detailed intricacies of each and every mobile device on the market. We take a deep pride in powering applications that seamlessly integrate within their native environment. The Smarter Agent PaaS doesn’t deliver a one-size-fits-all solution across the board. We take our time to ensure that user experiences are custom tailored to each and every platform, whether that is iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web/HTML5 as well as 5000 feature phones. It’s our goal to give your customers exceptional apps that are intuitive and engaging regardless of which mobile flavor they call home.